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Thursday, July 1, 2021

2021/22 Champions League group stage as it stands – UEFA.com

The line-up for the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group stage is shaping up, with teams having booked their places as domestic leagues concluded.

So far, 26 teams are assured of a berth next term thanks to their domestic league placings or, in the case of Villarreal, as UEFA Europa League winners. Six more places will be decided by qualifying in the summer.

2021/22 Champions League: all you need to know

2021/22 group stage as it stands

Watch Chelsea lift Champions League trophy

Watch Chelsea lift Champions League trophy

ESP: Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Villarreal
ENG: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea
GER: Bayern, RB Leipzig, Dortmund, Wolfsburg
: Inter Milan, AC Milan, Atalanta, Juventus
FRA: LOSC Lille, Paris Saint-Germain
POR: Sporting CP, Porto
RUS: Zenit
BEL: Club Brugge
UKR: Dynamo Kyiv
NED: Ajax
TUR: Beşiktaş

Domestic league standings

What if the Champions League/Europa League winners qualify via domestic leagues?

Since 2021 UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea had already qualified via their domestic league, Beşiktaş enter the group stage as champions of the 11th-ranked national association (Turkey). If Premier League runners-up Manchester United had won the UEFA Europa League final, Monaco would have entered the group stage as the third-placed team of the fifth-ranked association (France); instead, however, the victory for Villarreal meant Spain will have the maximum five representatives.

Highlights: Man. City 0-1 Chelsea (2 mins)

Highlights: Man. City 0-1 Chelsea (2 mins)

Do we know the draw seedings?

For the group stage draw, the teams are divided into four pots. Pot 1 contains the UEFA Champions League holders, the UEFA Europa League holders and the champions of the top six-ranked associations (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal). The remaining sides are seeded based on their UEFA club coefficients.

Pot 1
98.000 Chelsea (ENG), UEFA Champions League holders
134.000 Bayern (GER)
125.000 Manchester City (ENG)
115.000 Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
63.000 Villarreal (ESP), UEFA Europa League holders
53.000 Inter Milan (ITA)
45.500 Sporting CP (POR)
14.000 LOSC Lille (FRA)

This article is for information purposes only and all subject to final confirmation from UEFA.

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