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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Having Moor Is Great For Both Basketball Teams – CSURams.com

That’s how it is between brothers and sisters. They love each other one minute, drive each other nuts the next. They’ll bicker with the best of them, argue about who has more national championships (James) or Instagram followers (definitely Jess). When he came home for a spell at the front end of the pandemic, they had to argue over who held rights to the car.

Competition was always a common theme, as is sarcasm between the two. They understand what’s going on, but others don’t always pick up the inside jokes.

“People wonder,” Jess said. “We’ll be having a really good laugh, making fun of each other and people think we’re fighting with each other.”

They both participated in track at a young age, but it was James’ infatuation with basketball which has now led each of the siblings to shooting hoops. Jess, being the next in line, often wanted to do what her big brother was doing. Sometimes he was good with it, but other times he just wanted to be with his friends at school.

Such a particular day led Dionne’s phone to ring.

“A few weeks after Jess started school, I got a call from the school principal late at night,” she recalled. “He said, ‘Dionne, we’ve had an incident at school today on the fields.’ I thought, here we go. He went on to tell me there was a bit of a fight, and I had to wonder who’s been beating up on James. He went on to say James and Jess had a punch-up on the field.

“My reply was, ‘well, I suppose I can’t blame the other kid then.’ It turns out Jess had been trying to get in with James and the cool, older kids, and he needed to teach her a lesson. Front then on, they learned to become friends and hang out in the same crowds.”

Now that she’s halfway across the globe, she expects James will be what he’s always been to her – very supportive, but not overprotective. It wasn’t like he walked into the basketball locker room and told his teammates to stay away from his sister.

“I told her to stay away from football,” which made her laugh.

“Definitely the supportive brother. He’s gone through it,” Jess said. “Even right now, I’m sick of the dining-hall food. I can go over and he can cook me a home-cooked meal.

“He’s been showing me around campus, easy routes to take. He’s introducing me to more people. My first week was a bit lonely, being in the dorm by myself, but meeting some of his friends and some of the soccer and volleyball girls and having those connections has been really good.”

For the record, James made her fettuccine, and it passed the test. 

As close as they are, they will respect each other’s space. They don’t  have to see each other every day, though they cross paths more often than not, passing each other in the halls before or after workouts. 

He did help her move in, just not all the way. But he did help, possibly because she brought him chocolate from home he likes.

Yet the idea they are so close in proximity again is rather comforting.

For both of them.

“First of all, having a family member here, that’s crazy. But being able when one of us is down, to pick each other up is great,” he said. “When she has questions, I can help her, and when I have questions, she can help me. Building relationships, I can introduce her to so many people, and she’ll be able to introduce me to people. It will be great for both of us.”

As will the opportunity to watch each other play. It hit James when it comes to the Mountain West portion of the schedule, one will be home, the other on the road, and often playing on the same night at the same time. But during non-conference play, they’re both looking forward to seeing each other play in person again.

It’s been a long time. In Auckland, the family would stream James’ games, which sometimes required a 6 a.m. alarm to make opening tip. But seeing somebody play in person just hits different, and James and Jess have both missed seeing the other live.

Now, they can do it when they want. A simple text can get take them closer to home, even if they are thousands of miles away. Moving away was going to require some give and take, as he found out first.

They can no longer see the beach from where they live, but they can gaze at the mountains. But now, when they really want to see each other, they won’t have to wait for a social-post a hemisphere away.

For that, Medved is correct. Dionne may be the happiest Moors of them all.

“Coming from a large family, we are very lose, so knowing that they and see each other as often or as little as they want is nice,” she said. “As a mum stuck on the other side of the world, I feel a lot happier and safer knowing they are together. James and Jess have a great friendship and would talk often when Jess was still in New Zealand, so I’m sure they will only grow now and that they will have many fun experience together at CSU.”

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