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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Michael Jordan still holds the record for biggest ever NBA contract – MARCA.com

Despite the financial issues caused around the globe by the pandemic, salaries throughout the NBA have hardly been affected.

Players are still being paid astronomical amounts, mainly due to lucrative television deals which plough money into the game.

Huge new deals for players

NBA franchises are still offering players eye-watering financial packages, with Steph Curry signing a four-year deal at the Golden State Warriors worth 215 million dollars, making him the first player to sign two consecutive deals worth more than 200 million dollars.

Chris Paul will earn 120 million over four years at the Phoenix Suns, Trae Young will receive 207 million over five years at the Atlanta Hawks, and Luka Doncic will get the same amount over five years with the Dallas Mavericks.

NBA legend Michael Jordan still boasts the biggest ever contract in the league, however, when he earned 33.1 million dollars in his final season with the Chicago Bulls (1997/98). This amount would be 55.2 million dollars in the modern game.

Jordan‘s salary that season is all the more impressive when you compare it to that of his teammates. He earned more than half of the total Bulls‘ wage bill that year (61.3m dollars ) and earned more than the rest of his teammates combines (31m dollars). His deal was worth seven times more than the second-highest paid players in the side: Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper and Dennis Rodman (4.5m dollars each).

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