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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Memphis Grizzlies: When do long-awaited NBA Training Camps start? – Beale Street Bears

Memphis Grizzlies

Dillon Brooks, Memphis Grizzlies Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

For Memphis Grizzlies fans, or even more broadly, NBA basketball fans, the offseason has hit its most boring stretch. After the 2021 NBA Draft and ensuing Summer League basketball, virtually nothing has happened outside of small trades and minor signings.

Even the Grizzlies, who have made enough trades to force me to count every time I mention them, have done virtually nothing in the past couple of weeks. The most recent move involved trading for and eventually buying out Marc Gasol’s contract to give a storybook ending to his NBA career. After this, it’s been a waiting game.

But the dreary offseason lull will soon come to an end with NBA Training Camps on the horizon.

When do the Memphis Grizzlies NBA Training Camps begin?

Technically, the Memphis Grizzlies haven’t released their training camp schedule. As things stand, we have no exact dates for this team. That said, we do have some information from the NBA as to when we can expect things to kick off.

NBA Training Camps will begin on September 28th, which is less than a week away.

For Grizzlies fans, training camp will give us an opportunity to get a better look at a roster that saw a lot of changes in the 2021 offseason. Heck, there are still a few likely imminent trades on the horizon. The Grizzlies are still over the league’s maximum player limit and training camp should help give clarification on what Memphis plans to do in that regard.

One of the biggest storylines during Training Camps will be in regards to what we uncover about a still-crowded wing position. The Grizzlies did trade away Grayson Allen, but they picked up a handful of players who should be playing significant time including Jarrett Culver and Ziaire Williams. Kyle Anderson will also likely be in more a wing role than he was last season now that Jaren Jackson Jr. has permanently returned to the lineup.

I’ll get deeper into these storylines as the 28th approaches. For now, we can be excited to be within a week of NBA Training Camps and within a month of the beginning of the NBA season.

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