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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Boy Scouts revamp Woodland Park basketball court – Oakridger

Sept. 11, 2021, was a day of service for Jordan Smith of Boy Scout Troop 45 of Woodland Park Baptist Church. 

For his Eagle Scout Service Project, Jordan chose to perform a much-needed facelift to one of Woodland’s most beloved recreational spots for youth of all ages.

Since the city of Oak Ridge, in support of local residents, erected a basketball goal on South Purdue Avenue in the late 1970s, young children, teenagers and adults have shot baskets and played basketball there. The half court originally had a dirt playing surface. By the early 1990s, the city of Oak Ridge put down an asphalt pad, which made playing easier. A couple of years ago, when the walking trail was installed on South Purdue, the basketball court got a new goal. 

Friday evening, Sept. 10, Jordan put the finishing touches on a Woodland Park sign to be erected adjacent to the basketball court and walking trail. And, early Saturday morning, Sept. 11, Jordan Smith, along with Troop leaders, fellow scouts from Boy Scout Troop 45, and family members gathered early to cheer on and assist with the sealing and painting the beloved basketball court on South Purdue Avenue. Neighbors up and down the street stopped by to express gratitude for the wonderful service Jordan chose to perform as his Eagle Scout Service Project.

As one of those neighbors who has been blessed over the years by witnessing the fun and laughter of kids of all ages playing on that basketball court from sometimes as early as sun rise and at other times as late as sun down, I want publicly to thank Jordan Smith and Boy Scout Troop 45 for enhancing the Woodland Park Basketball Court. Current and future generations will benefit from your service to our community.

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