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Friday, October 29, 2021

Illinois Basketball: Illini getting in on the Jordan Vick recruitment – Writing Illini

Relationship building continues for future recruiting classes, as the Illinois basketball program has come in with an offer to an elite point guard.

No one really knows what the Illini will look like when 2024 rolls around. Most of the current team will have departed the program by the 2024-25 season. But it is always a good idea to start building relationships with players from the 2024 class. That is why I love the offer to Jordan Vick.

Vick is a 5-foot-10, 155-pound point guard from Southern Nash High School and resides in Bailey, North Carolina. He isn’t rated or ranked just yet, but that is due to the fact he is from the class of 2024. There aren’t a ton of rankings out for this class.

But you can tell where a kid will end up being ranked by the scholarship offers he has on the table. As of right now, there are roughly five programs that have already offered Vick a scholarship. Among those five teams includes Florida, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, and Illinois.

Vick would be an absolute weapon for the Illinois basketball program.

For only entering his sophomore year of high school, Vick has all the ability in the world. I am amazed by how advanced he is on the basketball court.

Physically, the kid has springs for legs. He glides around the court and can jump through the roof. Vick is going to be fun to watch from a pure entertainment standpoint. He is also going to grow a little more as time goes on, so that will make him even more dangerous.

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I love Vick’s shot from the perimeter as well. He can step back and hit shots and, more importantly, he can create his own shot. This is rare in a young basketball player.

When I watch Vick play the game of basketball, he reminds me a lot of someone like Jordan Clarkson. I believe the only reason Vick is listed as a point guard is due to his height. This kid isn’t a point guard. He is a playmaking No. 2 guard. He will dominate college basketball one day.

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